Weijian Zhang

Behind the Scenes from Interstellar - Cosmic Sounds

"The power of the low notes. You feel it in your solar plexus. The windows start bulging because there is so much air being pushed into the room. So you have a primeval and really dangerous quality to it. The thing is going to blow. There is something very human about it because it can only make a sound with air. And it needs to breathe. And on each note, you hear the breath. You hear the exhale."

Trigger-Action Planning

This is from the Hacker News thread about the Shut-In Economy article. The comment talks about a way to motivate yourself to do things. "The gist of it is fairly straightforward - take a concrete experience, and tie it to a specific action you want to do in that context...'When I open reddit, close reddit' is both hilarious and effective."

The Shut-In Economy

Whenever I read an article about tech workers and millenials, I get this awful taste in my mouth. There doesn't seem to be anything nice to say about them. At all. There's just so much more dirt—it's too easy. Even the words "tech workers" and "millenials" are skewing negatively in connotation.

I thought this article was no exception. I didn't think I was going to make it through the first paragraph, much less the entire thing. When describing the residents of an apartment building: "Ubers, Squares, and a few Twitters." Gag. I don't want to be part of the reality they're making.

But then, the most interesting part of the article came up: the delivery people who bring all the groceries and take-out and laundry and packages. Now they are the ones I want to read more about. "They end up asking each other which apps they work for." Such a great line.

Unfortunately, this article isn't about them. The delivery people get a few brief mentions before the author goes back to the boring busy tech people and their problems no one cares about.

The Greatest by Cat Power

I'm in love. Everything about her and her music is so free and good. Her bangs, her bare feet, her smoky voice! I'm watching tons of her youtube videos now. Her band and her two backup singers, they're all so free and good too!

Monica Lewinksy's TED talk

I haven't thought about her for years. And I don't think I even thought about her during the actual scandal (twenty years ago!)—not in a primary way—only really through cultural references and memes.

So this talk was interesting in that it was first time I've really looked at her and heard her speak. I recognized her face, through, again, that cultural osmosis, but was simultaneously seeing her for the first time.

I liked her talk. It was substantial and she had real things to say. I never understood or thought much about cyberbullying, which sounds so lame, like if a bully flunks out of real bullying school so they have to do it online during nights or weekends. Another stupid thing kids do these days. But the more I listened, the more sympathetic I got and had to acknowledge my human side and learned to curb myself from delighting in making fun of the stupid kids these days.

Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life by Hammock

This is an airy, swelling kind of feel-good song, not sure how to categorize it. I really like the line from the title. It's true! Ten thousand years to live will do you as much good as ten, in the end.