Weijian Zhang
12 11 10

Coughing has subsided. Yesss. Still some. I think I'll be able to sleep better tonight.

It's about helping people. I think that's the context reorienting that I need to change for the better. I should approach situations with that mindset. How can I help someone else? That shift in thinking made networking more palatable. I'm going in there to help people find work. It shifts the focus away from how can people help me and how can I get them to help me, to how can I help other people. How they can help me will follow naturally from that. It becomes a less hostile environment in my mind to a fertile environment where I'm trying to help. Crisis into opportunity. I touched upon this before in my thinking before, along the lines of turning a fearful unknown situation into an exciting exploring situation. Passive the world doing stuff to me situation to an active I'm doing something to the world.

I shuffled around some files and refined my backup strategy. I should expect everything locally to be lost and transitory, and use Dropbox as a traditional folder to work out of. Use Google Drive as the backup drive, with zipped stuff. I just need to find a place to store all my pictures and videos. I want something more than another hard drive. Flickr? They don't do videos?

Tried Belcampo beef jerky. It's alright; not super.

Still no writing or push ups. Probably not tomorrow either. I want to get into work super early and get a head start. Time leaks on Fridays.