Weijian Zhang
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Walked around the harbor area and took pictures of the steel Viking ship and wandered around the Harpa. Got croissants at a bakery I wanted to go to after later but ended up going with C. Saw someone hitchhiking and kind of dancing a little to help it out. Then C got on a bus to the airport. Then I was on my own. Thrill.

It was sunny today for a change and I got a good look around. We had walked through an off street and saw the less retail and polished side of the city. Graffiti and more rundown apartment buildings. It still looked pretty good I think.

I veered off toward the bus station and it was really crappy looking. They may be rebuilding the interior perhaps because it was all boarded up with things ripped up inside. The regular people! Bus drivers hanging around, people waiting to go to work I suppose.

My bags were hella heavy for some reason. The sun glare. I put on my sunglasses. I walked through this big park with a museum in the middle of an expanse of empty field. Things looked so sparse. I trudged, got to my hotel an hour later. I instantly stripped and went to bed.

I didn't sleep. I think I may have drifted off but jolted back awake. I was afraid I would fall off the bed. It's so unnerving and I didn't realize I had that problem. They had given me two twin beds instead and they didn't have any queens available because I was early and they might if I waited after the checkout time. I didn't and will change rooms tomorrow. That sort of thing I would have hated to be around C or other such people who would do everything they can to get what they want. I don't give a shit. I don't need their grief.

I will totally sleep on the floor tonight. It's interesting to think about. I'm afraid of falling off the edge. Symbolism++

I ordered room service. I don't have food and I don't want to walk back downtown to get food. I was actually inside a mart with a basket before I walked to the hotel but decided to leave because I didn't feel like shopping. The only thing I wanted at the moment was to check-in, feel safe, and set myself. Then I watched Stranger Things and danced around the room and masturbated and showered and walked around naked and I love myself.