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Countered Sunday today by knocking off things I've been putting off. Confirmed insurance stuff for dad first thing in the morning. The property tax exemption amount as well. Then worked for a few hours. The only thing I was supposed to do that I didn't was write. Perennial albatross and stones around my neck.

Walked to Lakeshore, closer than I realized, I could walk straight down south if I went down west a bit to avoid that end of Stern Grove. I was aiming for Ortega, but this may be my new walking destination. There's a yogurt place there instead of ice cream. Good.

I bought a ski neck mask. I'm going to be hella warm!

Still the dregs of sick. I may not be 100% until next year.

When can I rest and set up my desktop? Am I really waiting until fourth aunt and cousin moves out? There is still not date for that. I'm chasing air.

I am looking forward to the end of the year though. Bonus! And I can record my net worth. That's so tidy, love that feeling. I really hope I reach my number. Chances are though the market will be middling. No way it would go above 2200 and stay there. Yeah, just checked. I wouldn't be surprised if it sank below 2100. I'm of two minds. I want it temporarily to get high at year's end so I can tally a good mark. Then sink so I can buy on discount for the rest of the year then go up again when I record my worth. I really have doubts now that my forecast is going to pan out. It looks like I won't reach a million until I'm 50. Fuck. Twenty more years? I can only hope to retire by 60. This whole thing doesn't have a very good payoff, does it. I'm working so hard only to retire when everyone else retires at 65. The fuck. This is more meaningless than I thought.