Weijian Zhang
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I need control. Working quietly by myself after dinner soothed me. I am much more productive away from the office. I need to recognize when I should leave and work alone to get my shit done, and when to take advantage of people's proximity to ask for help. All about me.

I can't wake up early. Fuck that. I'm going to force myself tomorrow. Will wake up by 7. 6:30. 6 is the true time. I need to instill the habit of sitting upright when the alarm goes off. That might be the only way. Make that into a habit.

What happened today? Elbert sent me a picture of his cat who finally ventured out of the bedroom. Highlight of my day right there.

Didn't speak much at all at the dinner table because I was just so shutdown about the world. I didn't want to deal with of the despair about mom's cancer. It just gets worse and worse. There is no hope.

Still coughing. There is no hope.

At least I'm feeling sleepy. I hate trying to get to sleep so badly. Helpless against it.

I fucking hate infographs.