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I have to ween myself off of the pleasure of getting approval from other people.

After Fresh Choice, drove down south with nowhere in mind. I like Skyline. I was drawn to the coast and the water as usual. I saw a pier and went toward it. The foam was so white against the wet brown sand; I took loads of shots on the phone and wished I had my camera. I looked around Fort Funston for the first time. It was like an expanded version of the Ocean Beach dunes. Too many dogs. I've got another thing to hate apparently.

I didn't need to go to the 24 hour Starbucks but I insisted I would, after falling short on recent occasions, for some reason or another. I have a memory of listening to Blindsided there and want to revisit it.

I wrote, which saved the whole day. My brain is repeatedly latching onto and referencing that fact, like a comfort thing knowing that no I didn't completely waste today like so many before.

Then King of Thai. It's a somewhat reflex spot now; it's nearby and opens late and has dependable taste. Not healthy though; I need to put it squarely into the fast food category. I didn't feel that bad about eating there because I had Fresh Choice earlier.

I need to set up my sleeping schedule to anticipate waking up early on Tuesday. Monday is already lost and there's no point trying to wake up early tomorrow. It is absolutely impossible.