Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Pure me. Lands End. Fresh Choice. Stonestown. Japantown. No coffee shops though. I didn't feel like Danube or Richmond for some reason. I could have gotten grandma her small plastic chair.

Wrote some, feels great.

V's coming back. I feel that all her visits are the same and nothing ever changes or will change.

Not looking forward to work. There is going to be uncertainty and I won't get good resolution until next year and I'll feel this same uncertainty over the break, and therefore ruining the break just that one bit. There's no internal tests built into the schedule what the fuck. And the PT is happening immediately after the onscreen double what the fuck. I can't ask K what is going on because she's on vacation. I can't talk to S because I'm scared of him and it'll be easier not to interact with him. It's the wrong move, but I don't give a shit.