Weijian Zhang
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Felt good about thinking of ways to improve workwise. I want and need to learn Javascript. I need a project I want to build, then learn it that way, like I did with CSS. It's probably the only way I learn. I remember the burn of hunting down a fix or way to do something. It's that energy right there that I need to do anything. Reading a book or going to some workshop does nothing. I should use the company allowance to buy a course. That could be a start. I want to finally document all the processes that only exist as oral tradition. Show some semblance of initiative. Build a boilerplate, annotated template I've always wanted to make starting new projects that much easier. Instead of hunting down old emails to clone, just use the boiler plate, which would have all the updated learnings that exist only as a pile on the wiki. Exciting.

Felt good working solidly on a project mostly without interruption. I want more of that.

Dinner with V tomorrow. I feel bad for not setting up a dinner and a time to eat. Instead of taking the initiative, I waited around for her to do everything. It's so bad how crappy a friend I am. I will invite her to ice skate! That's a nice thing. Then karaoke after that. Let's see what happens with that.