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Best news for a while, H reads my blog! It's always nice to know someone out there is listening. I think I have three readers. L, C, and now H. Hooray.

Watched Victoria last night. Had some super riveting scenes. I'm so glad I didn't check how long it was because I liked to believe that they would end the movie at the club again. But that would leave bad deeds unpunished so didn't work out that way. I liked it.

Karaoke with V. It was pretty great, better than other times because I sat next to her. I think that was what made it great. We got kicked out though because someone had reservations, which has never happened and is super stupid. I would never go back to Voiz again because of that. It's like getting kicked out of your meal because someone had reservations. Just make the reservations people wait! Their app-based system is stupid too and I hate it. They could enforce their stupid reservations system by locking people out.

Hung out at V's place after. That was good too. I didn't speak much, as I've pretty much lost all energy at that point. Or something. I don't know why I didn't feel like talking. It's probably out of habit at this point. I've just stripped that as a readily available thing for me to do. Out of the passive. It's now an active ability I have to willfully engage in and spend activation energy on.

Lunch with mom at Kevin's.

I have no memory and can't ask people about stuff they told me about before because I don't think about them, because I think about myself just all the time.

Feels pretty good now, showered and brushed teeth, just 9:30. I could read more about bitcoin I guess. It'll probably never hit $1000 again. I didn't expect it to get back up as high as it has the past few days. I will not sell until it reaches $1 million. There's no point otherwise.