Weijian Zhang
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Worked. Lifted weights. Ran. Even wrote a teeny tiny bit. All the vegetable things I needed to do to counterbalance guilt and sloth on the other side. I still don't feel super great, just pretty okay. It hasn't gotten worse is what it comes out to, which is fine.

Can't wait for tomorrow! It's going to be regular day off feel. The break is going to end hella fast like no one's business. After the events of the weekend, things are going to slide and zoom by. I need to put up serious milestones to slow things down. Finishing my work will be a significantly weighty event. I'll do that tomorrow. Desperately need to get up earlier. That is and has been the crucial element in all of my time management problems. I need to get the fuck out of bed early. It's ruining my life and I don't know how to fix it. I would think I fixed it but oversleeping always comes back. It doesn't help that it's cold as fuck.

Let me plan out tomorrow. Hm. Oh shit, fresh choice! Yes yes yes. I need to do that. That's set. I'll wake up hella late again. I'll get there for lunch. Then the real question, what then. No so much for that, going to eat with mom. Which doesn't bother me that much. It's a chance to credit.

Break is half over.