Weijian Zhang
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Got up not sure where to go. Got mom some water, which was the least I could do, as always. Super glad that aunt took grandma to dim sum so mom didn't have to cook for her, and I didn't have to worry about what grandma would eat. The right thing here that I could do and prevent this was to cook for grandma, but I don't want to, know to, for some inexplicable reason. I don't want to take ownership of taking care of someone.

Got out of there. More indecision. Fresh Choice like I wanted to, Stonestown to return jeans? Richmond? I vacillated like fuck. Master of that. Went to Stonestown to at least do something resembling productive. Tried to exchange super cheap $10 jeans for another size but there wasn't that size. The ideal thing would be that I would get another pair of jeans for $10. I didn't fight for that. I didn't want to exchange even because I will probably have to pay the difference. I got a refund instead. Next best, least bad thing I guess. Maybe that was the worst. I no longer have my $10 jeans. They didn't fit. Buh. Got weird stretchy jeans from Gap for like $40. Feel bad and incomplete and ragged. Returned another pair that I thought would be discounted from all the sale signs everywhere but nope, full $70 what the fuck. That pair was pretty good. Too bad.

Danube. Really wanted internet this time, wrote instead, the set up with the no free wifi worked.

The day dying. I don't want to go to back yet. I'm waiting to just sit down at the restaurant and read reddit. Then back to my room and I can watch more Ben Brown. Then restless sleep and I keep getting older, more time going by and gone.