Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Had a great time exercising, but just for five minutes and just before bed when it's the least great time. I need this in the morning to jolt me out of sleep and inject some energy into my life.

Horrible day, because of the meal situation. Mom can't cook but tries to and I feel super bad and try to help but can't. I feel bad and can't just leave to eat outside so make myself stay and dad cooks and not very well and I don't get full or have anything really to eat. I end up drinking a lot of my soylent, which is low and I have to order more soon. It's meant for these weekends, I suppose, so don't feel that bad about it. But the whole thing is a mess every other weekend and it's the worst way to end the break. Weekends and winter breaks are ruined for me, and further expel me out of the social default norms. Weekends and winter breaks are supposed to be rewards, but they represent the worst times for me. So now I don't even have that in common with normal society, and I can't partake in the assumed experiences everyone else is having. "Can't wait to get to the break, few more day until the weekend, until the break!" No, it doesn't work like that for me. I have to just suffer throughout forever and forever.

Went for walk. Wandered into Stern Grove. Saw the rocky amphitheater set in the middle of the park. Neat.

Why hasn't the stupid 401k site posted December's transactions yet? The fuck.

I'm right sleepy at the moment now for some reason. Maybe exercising just before bed helps with sleep. It's also just the hours of watching Youtube most likely.