Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Mom is in a depressive mood. It wears so heavily.

I bought new soylent flavors.

I discovered I could adjust the temperature of the shower. Fuck me I have no idea why I didn't do this earlier. I knew there was a knob thing there, but I never connected things in my brain. I had just accepted the fact that we always ran out of hot water. For the past fucking year I've been enduring the semi-cold showers for absolutely no reason because of my passivity. The bottomless depths of wonder of this guy.

Fuck going to bed early. I'm not going to waste time lying there staring at the ceiling.

First day back at work and I'm as mute as ever. Didn't go out to lunch with people, hardly said a word to anyone. Not entirely true, but feels like it. Dreading going down south; I feel especially helpless and out of control in those offices.

Sam Garrett's Don't Let Go is nice.

C asked me to go to Burma with her and I said no I don't want to go anywhere.