Weijian Zhang
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Free day tomorrow. Great.

Don't know what to do with it, not so great. It's raining so nicely. I really want to drink the chocolate flavored soylent. Which I will do right now! Paid for more Acq Inc.

I started preparing for a new story. I'm going all the way with Google Docs and see how that works out. I'm going for super simple. To do, scratch, outline, first draft, second draft, final draft. Get through this.

Flavored soylent is pretty terrible, both flavors.

I'm really happy that I could do 40 push ups. It's nice to remind myself of that. Like my money too. My brain latches on to those kinds of things because there is so much self-doubt I'm drifting through. I need core.

I hate hella meat today. Number 101 at the Chinese barbecue place on Irving. Grilled pork (not pork chop). It's just a mound of grilled pork on rice. Good.

I was sitting in the car and realized that was all I wanted. Being away, in my own space, not worrying about other people. I just went on Reddit.

I like planning too much and doing not enough.