Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Got bitcoin on my mind. I love how real it feels. I could have made millions. It was real. It actually happened. I had it all at my finger tips. My funnest regret. What will my end game be for bitcoins? I want to sell them for $2.5 million. That is my number. I will only sell if I get that. At that point, I don't care about getting richer. I should say, getting more money after that point would not make me feel as good as cashing out. Or another way, if I get at least $2.5, the regret at missing out on more money by selling would not be enough to make me forgo the chance to take the profit I've been chasing all this time.

To get there, I need 50 and want 100 coins. This implies $50,000 per. This is so outlandish, but I really want to believe in it. This is the fun part, the fantasizing and feeding the irrational parts of my brain continuously stifled and held quiet by reason. Go crazy don't mind if I do. I could buy 50 now if I really wanted to. Really really. 100? I don't want to buy until after tax season when I could finally get a good snapshot of my money. I also don't want to buy until I see how low it could go. I want to see $500 again. I would not regret missing out on lower prices at that point. That would satisfy my short-term feelings. I still hurt thinking how I bought over $1000 and did nothing but wait around for three years, and I'm still in the red now. The only thing that would make me happier is to buy low enough to counteract the peak buying three years ago, at least mitigate it a little. But first I need April to come. If it's still below $1000, I may just pull the plug and buy 5.

Chipotle and Starbucks for dinner. I zoned the fuck out at Chipotle, just so happy to scroll through Reddit uninterrupted with no deadlines or place to be or worry about time or being anywhere else or expected. I'm just there. That is all I want now.