Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Dealing with lots of insomnia lately. Perpetuating that by staying up because I don't want to lie awake in bed.

What happened today? Mindless work. I've added a new habit to talk. I really mean a habit to initiate a conversation with some and not just respond to someone, be spoken to. I put in that habit so it's on the top of my mind.

Buying lots of things. None discretionary. It's all just circumstances forcing me to buy things. I don't spend money for myself often so I've also set myself apart from normal people with their relationship with money, another example of something I can't partake in. Sad existence.

I bought Ensure for mom and floss. The fuck is with this sad sack. Shopping should be fun. I'm not getting my worth by spending money. There is nothing fun about this. It's doubly horrible. I'm losing money and I'm not gaining anything material for my loss.

That's why I love that I sold some shares. I'm going to fucking buy shit.

I hate waiting. I'm waiting for everything. For Coinbase to verify. For money to send from my bank to my online bank. For brokerage to send to my bank. It's going to be next week before I can do anything.