Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Friday, feels good. Staying up on Fridays feels natural. I should just always do this and let it happen instead of fighting it.

Ordered the ether. Now just have to wait. Will keep buying more continuously until I run out of money in the account. I'm going to be keeping too much money in there without interest.

I didn't know what to do with extra cash. I messed up a little by withdrawing too much. I won't have to pay taxes on the capital gains until next year and then, I wouldn't need to actually pay extra; I'd just get less back in tax returns. So no point at all in withdrawing extra to pay for the tax. Buh.

I now do have some extra money to playing around with. It's loose. Feels different. I allocated some to buy whatever with already. I couldn't stand the thought of too much money sitting in checking, so transferred to savings. I don't know what my financial plans will be until after I file taxes and know how much or little I would be getting back. I'm counting too much on the mortgage deduction. I doubt I'll get enough back to make me pleasantly surprised. It definitely won't pay for the property tax. Hope it would, but that would be magic.

Read more about Warriors because I heard they were winning. Spent all evening on r/nba. Felt great, like old times. Though I know this is the only kind of payoff and should enjoy it while it lasts.