Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Same shit.

Why don't I feel good when mom was sitting down with me at the dinner table? I was just mute and inert and nonreactive.

I have no time to waste on weak hands like xkcd and Wait But Why. They seem to be cut from the same lame cloth. I can't stand people like that now. They're repulsive. I think I just can't stand most people in general.

Holiday party. Went as all holiday parties went. I left super early, having satisfied the minimal requirement to show my face there. I felt like I couldn't keep up. I'm jealous that M has both muscles and writing credentials. Though I've needled into that and tried to diminish those traits by thinking I want to be strong and not just show mass, and I would never want to get published at the certain online magazine. I don't want those things precisely. Now if I met someone who accomplished all the things I wanted precisely, then I would just outright feel terrible about myself.

New thing today was the chicken gouda sandwich at 1011. I prefer Panko, but it's different at least. It has rotisserie chicken pieces in it, so it's kind of fresh. Best sandwich ever is still the porchetta from Roli Roti.

I'm not going to do my push ups today. Lazy as fuck. I'll try to do them in the morning tomorrow.

Don't want to write either. I'll see what I can do.