Weijian Zhang
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Was going to say today was sort of ok, but then mom is throwing up in the next room. I would put on earphones, and in the lulls in the song, or gaps between songs, the sound of her heaving and throwing up would quickly rush in and remind me to feel bad. This fucking life.

V got a better job, hooray. More financial security yes please.

The funds went through and I logged on to buy more ether. Both bitcoins and ether are up. When I actually get the ether into my wallet, I want that to be the last time I look at the value of my wallets until next year. I'm deciding right now that I won't track quarterly. Only yearly. It doesn't make me better off to pay so much attention.


Yay Friday. I'm trying actively to recreate Friday to be the best day of the week, even amidst all the shit that's come up recently. A return to form.