Weijian Zhang
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Ate out both for lunch and dinner with family. ABC and Clement claypot.

Did what I planned out to do, didn't waffle, went to the Presidio and sought out the second Andy Goldsworthy sculpture, Wood Line. It was great. Will find the third one next.

Then Blue Danube and ran out my laptop batteries outlining. Saw Mr. Cohen from Lowell there grading papers. I bet it was him. Him with his fancy minimalist handwriting.

Just 10:30 right now, seemed later. Just showered, didn't brush teeth yet. I know I'm going to be hungry. Have some nectar soylent right here waiting. I should really refrigerate these and see how much better they are. The flavor is growing on me.

My new schedule is going to work like this. No reddit during the week, or ever if I could avoid it. The exception is Friday when I don't have to comply with anything. I could do whatever and don't do whatever. I will free up Saturday too of shit. Sunday will load up with all the shit to punish itself because it's a shit day and I want to reinforce the shittiness. There's shit there already, so no big deal if we pile more on top of it. The best place for it, really.

Allergy season. My face is on fire.