Weijian Zhang
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I think I'm at a point at OKCupid where I'm just playing around now. I can't treat it seriously. I don't think serious is an effective plan. It's fun to say random things to initiate conversation. My favorite so far is I AM INTERESTED IN YOU! I should just spam that and see what happens.

I drank some coffee after work and I did like a billion push ups just now. I challenge caffeine to keep me up tonight. The onus will be on causal biology, which is something I refuse to rely on. Let's see what happens. I feel hella jittery now, so I'm probably going to lose badly.

Hard boogers are fucking annoying. I don't want to keep picking my nose every five minutes. The fuck. Allergies still sort of lingering. Going to last for a while.

I want to power through and watch all the Ben Brown videos. They are pretty much the only ones there. He's stopped vlogging. Everything is temporary. Going back to that Buddhism.

Thought work was going to be easy today, but they changed the address so had to rush the entire day, through lunch, and missing meetings, and generally not great. Was a lot better when I got approval on the first test. That totally made my day. Saved it. I messed up at the lemonade place. I should have said I just want to get a drink; it doesn't make sense for me to go to the end of food line. Next time!