Weijian Zhang
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Lol bitcoin ETF, what did I expect. No more bitcoin news forever. Or until next year for accounting. I can relax.

Walked hella much today. It was a good day off.

I didn't know where I was going to go when I started off. I knew I wanted to walk east and north. I did it before on another PTO and wanted to recapture to feeling. The weather sucked. Cloudy and hot. The kind of cloudy day that gives you sunburns. I should have taken my hat with me. There was that decisive moment and I decided wrong.

I thought I would take the 28 to GGP, but I walked north and kept walking north and really didn't want to get on a bus. The first destination popped up as an urge. Tank Hill Park. It was on my list and I want to tick it off. I got to Irving and thought hey I should get some Tpumps. Beh. It doesn't open until later in the day. I went back to another boba place and it too was closed. Fuck. Oh well. I wonder if the Peasant Pie was still there. It was. I got my favorite, the baby clam, and a lentil yam. No strawberry rhubarb.

On the way to Tank Hill, I saw another patch of green. I headed toward it. The route there went through UCSF. It's a whole community up there in the campus, like a little town full of doctors and nurses and researchers and medical students. Another world. I passed through unaffected and unaffecting, like much of my life and interactions with others. It got hilly. I found the trail head. It was something something Green Interior? It zigzagged along the side of a valley. Deep isolation enveloped me immediately in green. It was nice. I popped out and popped back to Tank Hill. The orderly steps met me, and it's not something I could easily resist. I climbed up and the view was great. Panorific. I sat on a high bench and looked around for a while.

I thought about cafes. No way am I going to go all the way to Enchante. Danube? No, Borderlands! I made my way through the hilly messy SF interior. It's hard to make it out to Borderlands. It's out of the way. I walked in and felt better. No easy outlets, but internet at least. Ordered black coffee. Should have gotten tea. Or at least a smaller size. I stayed until my batteries ran out. I worked on the book, wrote. I don't think I made much headway on the actual story. I think I made some conclusions on the outline, but they may not stay conclusions. I thought I was part of the Borderlands crowd, but I don't think I fit in anywhere really. There was a Shut Up and Write meet up there, and I didn't care at all. It didn't seem to really have a point. I could be free and write and it would be the same, only easier because I won't have the weird social part. I guess that is the point, the social parts. Whatever.

I didn't know where to go after that. I headed north and west. Something would come to me. Maybe I could try for Blue Danube after all. I hadn't eaten lunch yet. I finished my soylent as I walked. Still hungry. But I really wanted to sit down somewhere and keep writing, or charge my batteries and watch Youtube or something. Library? I know there's the Eureka one. Park Branch! New place, yes please. It was also in an area I hadn't ever been, north of Duboce Triangle. I got hungrier but I didn't care. I'll take care of that later. I need to follow through.

The library was small, but pretty good. I didn't watch Youtube. More writing! Felt so proud of myself. I couldn't stand it any longer though; I needed to get some food. It was around 4 now and I need to get back by 6 or so for dad's birthday dinner. I stuffed some coke gummies to hold the hungry back at least long enough for me to find food. I was near Haight. I wanted to go to a cheap Thai place, but it won't open until 5. The other Thai place was too fancy looking. I got a pollo en salsa super burrito. It wasn't as great as I hoped. I should have gotten the chili verde. During the burrito, I read about the bitcoin ETF fail. Too bad so sad. The price didn't take long to recover. Pretty resilient. I guess no one really expected it to get approved.

I walked toward GGP for some reason. I wanted to get home now at this point. I should probably take the N to 19th. But out of momentum or something, I walked. I went through the east end of GGP, cut into the corner a little, popped out on Irving. I hesitated on 19th, looking at the 28 stops and did not want to wait or get on the bus at all. I'll walk all the way home, what the hell. I did. My lower half aches. I'm pretty tired.

Dinner with dad, V, and grandma. Mom was too sick to go. This bums me out the most and was the worst part of the day. I thought the new pills would be different and she wouldn't feel as bad and that they would work better. But I guess not. I don't know. So I'm plugged in listening to the rain again so I can block out the noise of her throwing up.

Not looking forward to tomorrow, because I'm not free. Being around G and R is taxing. Being around most people is taxing. Except for C and E, I think. Seeing V is good too. K as well. A too. I guess it's just people I don't want to hang out with that I don't look forward to seeing, go figure.