Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Finishing Sand will feel good and it's on my to do list and it's a perfect activity. Full of will and intention from me, going to be good for me, good use of time. No bad or ambiguous feelings attached to it. All, pure good. Uncomplicated. Relatively easy to do too.

Didn't get out of the house until 2. Spent an hour of my time at Target trying to decide on sheets and not buying any. Two more hours left until I have to get back for dinner with relatives at 5:30. I made do. Salad and large chai at Danube. Didn't write though. Read Sand, and it was something I could have done forever. It felt good, unlike writing, when I would run out of energy after an hour or two. I will do that one of these days, just sit there and read a book, with no hassle about the laptop.

Did OKCupid for the day. Buh, what an immense chore.

Awkward relatives dinner because I hardly see them and couldn't start now easily. Interacted the tiniest barest amount at the end when we're filing out and I touched one of my aunt whose husband died recently's shoulder. That was it.

Started setting up the camera. There's an SD card issue, so I can't close that loop. It's left hanging. I realize I hate leaving loops open the most and love closing them the most. I want to minimize things in my working memory. I don't have time for any noise.

This daylight savingS time SUCKS ASS.

There was a moment when the family and I were sitting around the table that was nice. I didn't appreciate it as much as I should.