Weijian Zhang
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I'm going to drink some coffee soylent at 10:53 at night and see what happens. I dare drugs to work.

Had curry chicken shrimp fried rice for lunch. It was a lot and salty, ate it all anyway though I knew it was too much about 75% through. People were missing at work all over the place with twisted ankles and leaks and washer deliveries. I feel more and more distant.

I should not boast. It never feels good. Like I should never wear my Apple badge around as tempting as it is to.

Mom and dad went to the casino today, whoo. But then she felt dizzy before dinner. I think from pills. So can't check this day off as a complete success.

V's got lots of dates already. Online dating's so much easier for girls. I haven't had any responses after what, three weeks of continuous messaging. This is such a waste of time. I'll keep it up whatever. OKCupid is such a piece of shit. It encourages the worst behavior and foments only despair and delusion.