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Why I'm content, borderline happy today.

I talked the tax thing over with dad and got the recognition that I was going to pay more taxes if I added grandma's rent. All along, I've felt wronged thinking no one knew or cared that that was the case. It makes incurring the cost easier to handle. It's made all the difference. If I'm doing something to my detriment, I sure as hell need to get credit for it! Thankless jobs are for masochists.

Mom was able to eat, so that's always a plus.

I got a nice appreciative email at work. More recognition. That's the pattern here. I did something and I got a nice response that was better than I expected. Just a little, but still enough to make my work day.

I figured out the second security camera. The instant when the robot voice said connection successful, amazing. I figured out why the internet didn't work too, and closed that loop.

So receiving expected level of recognition for doing something, steady family stuff that's not getting worse, and closing loops–all good.

I asked K if he was free for a trip, but he wasn't. That was a setback, today could have been super awesome, but oh well.

More loops to close. I will be happy when I finish filing a tax amendment and pay off the extra tax. I want to see the refund from the bad sec cam. I want to finish watching all the Ben Brown vlogs so I could stop using them as a crutch and write again.