Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Pirated the two Dave Chappelle shows. Watched one, pretty good. Drank nectar soylent because I didn't eat well again with hot pot. I don't like it at home. Everything gets watered down and it's eating boiled food inefficiently. You put in food and it floats away and you get back pieces of it. It's another manifestation of my anti-socialness.

Wrote a bit more, but I'm worried that I'm just copy and pasting in the first draft and I'll end up with another first draft and have to do all this all over again. There's no progress or change. Not enough. I want to maintain continuity, but right now I'm kicking the can down the road and delaying decisions because I want to do the motions of actually doing something. If I go the other way though, and agonize over all the details before I allow myself to actually put words down, that really sucks too, and is the reason why I haven't finished the book even after so many years. I think I shall err on the side of action. If I end up with another first draft, then so be it. At least I will have done something and it'll be complete and I can try something else after the failure. Yes, at least it gets me to failure, unlike now, when I'm nowhere.

Putting lotion inside my nose seems to be working. I haven't felt the pain inside my right nostril since I started doing it. My guess is that there's a cut there; so, I'm going to keep moisturizing and stop picking my nose and let the cut heal properly.