Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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It worked! Not from now on though. That was ambitious. Woke up at 6, ran (it was the worst, gasping) to the gym, tried to figure out the correct form for bench presses. Should have apologized or at least talked to the guy I stole the bench from unwittingly. Felt bad. Did enough to be sore the entire day, walked home, showered, felt bad about not acting and giving reassuring vocal cues to ease mom's concern that she didn't know where my protein powder was. I would probably hate myself forever for stuff like that. I couldn't help that I felt annoyed at that moment. I was summoning my long simmering resentment that I had to move back home. That's always at the ready apparently to power up my perpetual search for things to be upset and depressed about. I'll have to live with it. I'll never learn either. More piles of pain piled on top of each other. Muni sucked. I just missed one, waited around until it was about the regular bus, then it crawled through the tunnel and I got to work ten minutes later than usual. The system just sucks out any hard-won degrees of freedom.

I had the best wet dream. Well wet dreams are always the best. I resisted cumming for some reason; I was holding myself back. I should never do that, what the fuck. It's the closest to having sex that I could get. It would have been so good. Buh. It was two wet dreams too! Both chances squandered.

It's 10. So tired.

Rental taxes are going to be complicated. Depreciation, wtf.

I should really go hiking and accept the invitation. I'll regret not doing it. Maybe? No, probably definitely.