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I want to be like China Mieville. The look. The presence. I've got the bald head, that's one. I need the muscles and the fantasy writing. I'll add an earing. That's my look! I will aim my body toward that look.

It pisses me off that some Eastern medicine crackpot is telling what my mom should and should not eat when she's having a hard time eating anything at all even when she could eat something. It feeds her paranoia about food. I hope he fucking gets sued for peddling this shit to people. My parents of course believe this when they won't believe real doctors. I can't stand it.

Second gym session today. Woke up at 6 and all that again. I ran all the way up and across to the gym this time. Felt awesome. I should have kept on running because it genuinely felt great. I had a piecemeal, ineffectual, I feel time at the gym itself. My body didn't feel that nice ache and soreness like I did the first time. My routine is trash and I left too soon. Time for spreadsheet goodness.

Mac and cheese at the Melt, never again. Again. I had it once before and forgot how I should really stop eating this stuff. I liked it only at KFC. And Kraft I guess. The restaurant stuff tastes weak.

I like this every other day gym routine. I get sleepy early on the off days so I go to bed early, but I don't have to wake up early, so I get a full night's sleep. Awesome. And because I slept early, I would naturally start to wake up earlier too without the alarm. I hope at least.

C and G didn't want to go bouldering with me. I should have known. I don't know about A.

Where am I going to find time to write?