Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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I do have a crush on H I realized. I work with her, so it's kind of not ideal. I knew when I felt sad that she would be working down south out of the main office full time. The company is shifting everyone down south apparently. I don't know how many days are left for people like me who want to stay up in the city.

Her profile popped up on my matches. That felt weird. I never fully front-of-the-mind actively considered her in that context before. There is really no reason why I can't ask her out. Of course, everything in my head makes it seem so far-fetched and impossible. Not even impossible, out of the realm of possibilty. She is totally my type, and I didn't even know what my type was. I totally dig her. Of course, I hardly know her, even after working with her for a while. I never talk, so that's the problem. I hardly interact with her. I should really try harder to join everyone at the bar. Beh. Another example of a missed opportunity that's still right there for me and yet I shy away.

Ate dinner with E. Was good, as always. I like being just myself, can let down my guard, and just be.