Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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I should redesign this site again so it reflects the relentless passage of time, day by staid day.

Dinner today was especially bad because mom was just in quiet despair and acceptance. I don't know how to behave at home, so I default to inert silence. I don't see anything good in my future related to family and home. It's all tragedy and bad feelings.

The nice song I'm listening to now is helping a little. For The Days Gone Without You By My Side by Shores of Orion.

I'm trying to live my life without regret, but I think I'm approaching it from the wrong way. Instead of doing all the things I want so I don't look back and regret, I just stop caring about things so I have nothing there to regret.

I have three options for the rest of the night. Write. Heroes. Netflix. I should really have just the one.