Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Bad day for mom again. Can't keep food down. It's a slow decline.

Gym. Sleepy in the afternoon. I'm not eating right or enough probably. Salad for lunch? Need that steak. Mixing powder doesn't feel right. I'm still not sure about my morning schedule. It doesn't feel particularly right either. I should be writing in the morning. But then when could I go to the gym? Running in the morning feels great though. That incline then coast. If I drive to the gym, I could save maybe 10 to 15 minutes total. That's not enough of a savings over running there. The walk back takes the longest. I could fix this by biking there. Or running back. I should just run back too, at least part of the way. Be more efficient while at the gym. I should wake up at 6:15 with no snoozing. Or pure 6 without snoozing. No, the point here is to sleep more. Get to the gym by 7. Leave at 8. I'll try to spring up at 6:15 somehow. Buh.

C texted me. I don't want to answer. It would be so easy just to cut her off. I won't regret it. Maybe I will. I don't know. I just know that I don't enjoy her company. Whenever I'm with her, it feels bad. Not that she is intentionally bad or whatever, but I don't gel. I don't care about her. It's simple. It doesn't make me feel good to be her friend. So why keep it up? There's no good reason to leave either, other than how I feel. And also I don't have enough friends to cut any. I regret cutting V, so I'm not risking that again. Going with the gut is dangerous and regretful. Feelings betray you. Sometimes.