Weijian Zhang
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Ramen on Geary for mom for lunch. I don't like ramen in that thick broth style. I like instant ramen a million times more. I will not willingly go get ramen like that anymore. It's never good. Maybe if when I visit Japan again.

Super headachy bright dry Sunday afternoon. Walgreens on 40th doesn't have carrot juice wtf. Lucky's then. Also got random kombucha whatever drink. I'm always thirsty; it might be a disease or cancer. Lands End with the C Team, a fav combo. I cut the loop short because it was hot and I should really eat. Ended up just lounging and closing my eyes in the car. I really like how I did that because I felt like it. I love following my feelings and doing whatever my body tells me to do at the moment and satisfying my own needs at once. That may be the key to happiness. So I semi-napped and listened to the C Team some more and it was great.

Needed something to eat. Hard Knox. OK! Got big etoufee and mash potatoes and corn bread. What an awesome spread. Boba too. Also great. It was just barely sweet, good tea flavor, and the boba was not sweetened. Favorite boba recently, will go back for sure. Finished listening to the rest of the file and Table Talk and was super full. Satiated on those fronts. Didn't want to go home at all. Lingered a little. Fine, time to go. Drove to the beach. Sunset? Yes, I will stop and watch this. It's too rare an occasion when I do this. I could count that on my hands. I parked and headed to the overlook. The sun sank with noticeably movement. It squashed and dimmed behind the layer of sea clouds. The afterglow was great. I got really lonely seeing the sociable people around me. If I don't do anything, I will be alone forever. It's the most likely outcome. Life is hard.

I lingered in the car again because I felt a bit tired. I instantly fulfilled those urges and closed my eyes. Leave no tiny bodily urge unaddressed. I drove back home and sitting here and hearing mom's stronger voice asking if I wanted porridge and that made me feel really good.