Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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Warriors won Game 1, great. ETH sideways, boring. Didn't come home for dinner today. The benefit was during the day when I would reflexively feel bad that I have to go home for dinner then suddenly realize I didn't have to and the rush of relief is awesome. The actual eating out dinner part is piecemeal and I never know what to eat. Ate randomly all day. Got some eggs and hash browns at Toast. Super hungry from the gym, and the need to make myself eat more. Downloaded finale of Amazing Race. Saw it mentioned on as a Reddit Stream alongside the NBA Finals game thread, which was interesting. Didn't think anyone still watched the show. Long nails, need to cut.

What's tomorrow? Check ETH prices still pleasurable. I'll watch the final two episodes of Amazing Race. That's pretty much it for things I'm looking forward to. Dinner at home would be hard again, perpetually until mom dies. Would be great to have V back to spread the support around. She flies back Sunday.

Nervous about road trip because I know I'll get tired of V by the end like in Korea. Lots of unknowns, so that weighs on me. Why can't I just relax? I'm not going to die. And I'm not scared of dying either. There's nothing on the line either. V is pretty OK to be alone with. Chill. Totally not like C. I would never travel with C again, never ever. I guess I don't want to be with her for an extended time either. Harsh but I know it 100%. Still feel this way.

Nothing left to do now but wait for disaster and bad luck and tragedy.