Weijian Zhang
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Picked up V at the airport. Concerned about my food situation. I don't know what I want to eat. I'm not eating enough, certainly, but I don't let myself eat whatever. Soylent and protein powder are not the way forward. I have to get out of my self-imposed prison and get out to the kitchen and eat what I want. I need to buy food. That means sharing food too. I'm resistant to sharing for some reason. To be a presence in this house and accept that I'm here for the forseeable future. Just have to accept. That goes for unpacking too.

Super bright out.

Comcast internet is balls. Too slow for mom to watch Youtube. I'm tethering now.

Reading 2312. I think I started before and didn't continue. I'll see it through.

Finished watching Amazing Race yesterday. It wasn't a great finale. There was no suspense.

I'll go shave my head now.

I have to cut off the portion that I ate from the cake muffin thing that I made myself eat because I needed to eat more. No. I'm not going to debase myself. Refined sugar to the core of that thing.

Strawberry flavored protein powder came over one-day shipping. I couldn't find the spoon so fished out the old one from the chocolate tub. I used a regular spoon and it came out watery. I don't think I've ever liked the taste of the tepidly sweet protein powder flavors. They're all pretty much off.

Figured it out. I didn't write a post for Friday. Meh meh meh.