Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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At Vegas. Contrast. I'm not leaving the building. It makes sense that Vegas would be in the desert, practically too, not just thematically fitting. No one wants to be outside. It's back to 100+ degrees again. I don't want to move my car and drive anywhere. I'm happy being the captive audience.

No more driving except for one last trip to the gas station to top off and return the car to the airport. The thought and fear that I would get into an accident has never left me. People live with this all the time, to degrees. It's the easiest way that I could see happening to kill us. What a collective relief it would be for self-driving cars to come online.

Buffet. It was good. $30. I loaded up on vegetables and fish and big meat and soup and beer.

ETH is just disappointing now. I'm still checking the price everyday out of habit. I want to see very minute.

Going to sleep early for once. I'm tired of the hazy feel.