Weijian Zhang
2017 2016
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First aunt came over to cook for us. I feel so grateful. It's so nice to have family for support.

I read some r/jobs threads and I felt my perspective zoom out and I felt more grateful and thankful for the things I have. Even if they are going to go away. My health. My job. My family and friends, certainly. I've gone through the worst case scenarios and played up the pessimism and cynicism and think I've prepared as well as I could for the foreseeable disasters and tragedies coming my way. For the unexpected ones too. Hope and optimism are luxuries. They undermine me and set me up for disappointment.

Interviewing people tomorrow. I hope I'm doing it by myself and not with J. I hate interviewing people with other people.

I want to buy 100 ETH to keep for the long, long run. I have a cash out amount for my current amount. I want something more for the future. Ideally I'll buy 500, but I don't have the money. I want to get 5 BTC too. But how.

I haven't gotten enough sleep, even though I probably have. I feel tired before bed and after bed.

I hate how the login problem with the client is dragging out, and wasting the SVP's time on the other end. Somehow it's going to be my fault and that'll cost us to lose the account and that's how I'll get fired. It's simple. I can see it.